... What a year!

this year more than ever we looked at THREE main areas


despite only having 2 terms in the building, we had a grand time


we kicked off the new year and beat the january blues with our wellbeing week. highlights included free breakfast all week, dodgeball, self defence classes and of course... the guide dogs

we looked out for your physical health, subsidising massages with gill el najar ever two weeks (and even giving out a few free ones in january...)

we ran the second year of

and took it even further:

  • our president co-presented a session to the RNCM board of governors on their away day, emphasising the importance of the campaign and beginning the very necessary conversations about it

  • We helped rewrite the rncm bullying and harassment policy, including drop-in sessions with students to gather thoughts and feedback 

  • we hosted a grey-area consent workshop with the company odd-arts

  • we secured more su funding so that from september we can host consent workshops for all students in induction week for the first time so

We worked closely with our Sir Charles Groves Hall Senior Residents, Ellen Porter and Wilcox Leung for International Induction Week, Freshers and throughout the year

we looked out for your ears once again

And in lockdown...

We ran an activity every weekday for over two months, ensuring we felt connected and were well occupied, these included Yoga, RNCM Fitness Fun, Cuppa and a Chat sessions and much more.

the money stuff

a quick rundown on where the MONEY WENT












































our su community officer became the su community and environment officer

We worked with our Climate Action society to plan a Green Week (that almost happened...) 

RNCM Climate Action also hosted the first ever CUK Climate Strike which was a HUGE success

We celebrated and supported our International student community:

We created a Guide to Christmas in Manchester pack, for students staying in Manchester over the holidays

We Celebrated Chinese New Year, working with the international office to make it our biggest celebration ever

We introduced ‘self-isolation sidekicks’, ensuring those isolated alone had friends in regular contact, to boost morale and #lookoutforyourmate

We celebrated our LGBTQ+ community:

we ran the #rncmloveislove campaign

We celebrated pride month with podcasts, SU gogglebox, film nights and the iconic pride hat parade!  

black lives matter

Lavender, the BAME Soc and the SU team ran BLM panels, inviting students and alumni to discuss their thoughts and experiences. This was eye-opening, honest and raw. The live streams were viewed by over 12000 people across the world! 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion will now be a permanent part of the agenda for various committees, including the Board of Governors going forward 

we represented the student voice

- we made sure that every school now has a school reps system

⁃ We created an anonymous feedback form on the SU Moodle page 

⁃ We sent out anonymous school surveys to everyone, to find out exactly where things could be improved

⁃ We led the Conservatoires UK Student Network research, collating over 2300 student’s thoughts and essential feedback in just 3 days 

We ran a referendum and left NUS UK - a stronger decision for our SU

We represented RNCM student voices at the Conservatoires UK National Conference and to the Mayor, Andy Burnham with the Greater Manchester Student Assembly  

We worked on the staff-student feedback loop with more You Said, We Did posters and live SU Q+As discussing college decisions during lockdown. We also kept you in the loop weekly with staff responses as they came

We worked with 24 student reps, hearing your voice and driving for change 

We sat on 26 committees representing YOUR voice 

We sat on all of the sub-committees during lockdown, ensuring we were involved in all the biggest decisions across every course 

we secured a 

no´detriment policy

for all students with marks going towards their degree in 2020

we worked to soften the pop/classical divide

  • we introduced the mixed genre gig guide

  • We hosted an instagram open mic, cross school 

  • ⁃ We hosted zoom performance classes again, mixed genre

  • ⁃ We ensured that cross school activities were available to everyone via Asimut during the Summer Term 



in 19/20 we made our events and activities as inclusive as possible, making sure there was something for everyone

they happened often and they were big. The iconic Bavarian Night at the Bierkeller will live on in our hearts forever. 

and much more...


not to forget brodsky jams, featuring prizes such as... brodsky jam (thanks nat)

we ran 16 pub quizzes this year. 13 of them were part of the big lockdown league (involving 22 teams across the weeks!!)

we increased our number of societies, introducing hill walking, zumba and the rncm book club

we also gained access for all rncm students to the 100's of societies at uom, at no extra cost!

As lockdown began, so did our online community.

the Facebook group became the perfect platform for SU activities, key information and even more memes. 

RNCM Students' Union

124 Oxford Rd


M13 9RD