...you were a good'un


We kicked off in style with INTERNATIONAL INDUCTION and a SELL-OUT FRESHERS (woah)

This year more than ever we looked at THREE main areas opportunity we kicked off in style with INTERNATIONAL INDUCTION and a SELL-OUT FRESHERS (woah) not only did we INCREASE our events, we put on a WIDER RANGE to make sure our socials were inclusive as possible and there was something for every character and taste - and every timetable! from the brodksy jam 

to film nights


pub quizzes, board game nights & more


We maximised opportunity by making


last year's funding available in our society pot, with a new funding application system to maximise usage (we also funded a couple of other student projects)

18/19 was a year to celebrate DIVERSITY 

Copy of Copy of Copy of LGBT insta story

We also celebrated our international community through:

Establishing NEW non-native English speaker reps on committees (making sure internationals have a voice)

Celebration days for different cultures

Holiday resources for those unable to go home
attending training sessions


In 18/19 we looked out for our mates WITH THE UNION'S FIRST EVER WELLBEING CAMPAIGN


We organised wellbeing week 2018 around the FIVE WAYS TO WELLBEING (including a visit from the guide dogs)

We KEPT CALM IN THE PRACTICE ROOM with free tea, cosied-up common room, arts + crafts sessions and drop-in screenings of your fav sitcoms.

hydration insta

We made history with...


Our landmark JOINT first campaign with the rncm as equals against sexual harassment. we also won you:
a revamp of the bullying and harassment policy so it works for students
new harassment advisors/reporting stations around college

We had your back with free earplugs and a delivery service..


We started the year with a BANG through our REBRAND and by building a brand new website from scratch


We went on the road, standing up for music education at NUS NATIONAL CONFERENCE, representing you on the Conservatoires UK STUDENT NETWORK and 
helping form a new student voice: the GREATER MANCHESTER STUDENT ASSEMBLY (or all of the student unions in greater Manchester. finally we can lobby for bike lanes that actually work)

The number of lovely student reps we recruited and worked with to make sure YOUR voice was heard.

The number of different official college committees we sat on, keeping students at the centre of conversation

The number of lovely student reps we recruited and worked with to make sure YOUR voice was heard.

In 18/19 made sure YOUR VOICE was heard loud and clear, from
securing more yoga sessions
keeping the NSS fair
getting the air-con fixed in 324 (finally)
hosting pre-meets with your reps and staff
establishing NEW agenda items for committees on student views
winning funding for a new printer in the IT suite
getting new, student-friendly rewrites of the policies that matter for you
establishing better communication links between staff and students for the future
...and way more

We tried to make your SU as accessible as possible with new OFFICE HOURS, keeping in touch through email, Instagram and social media (and a never ending supply of tea + biscuits)

We DIDN'T manage to get a microwave (but we tried our very very hardest) we DID manage to get permission to upgrade the common room - vote in our poll!

We also put in the hours creating a beautiful handover package, online resource and induction session for future Student union teams (so all this work doesn't get lost into the ether)

Listened to you at new open office and drop-in colouring sessions with welfare officer, Cara

picked you up with our lil boxes and envelopes of happiness (aka tea, nakd bars and activities)

We were also quoted in 3x (!) national newspapers (blimey)


we promised we'd publish our figures (for the first time ever) and we're people of our word, so here they are: