Meet the Candidates

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Jasmine Higgs

Events & Socials Officer Nominee


I may be short but my events will be big 😊

My name is Jasmine, I am a 1st year undergrad classical singer. I would like to go for this role because I am experienced in events management as I did a course before coming here and I really enjoy oranising different social events. I am also an avid social media user and have expeience interning in the marketing department for production companies.

As a first year, because of Covid there has not been the opportunity to have big events and I am hoping next year I can make sure that there are amazing events that help to make up for that loss. I especially plan on making an excellent re-freshers for the 2nd years so they can catch up on the Freshers they missed. I plan on asking peers what kind of events they want and planning events based on feedback put together with my own ideas.

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Sinead Walsh

Events & Socials Officer



Here for a good time, not for a long time!

Hi I'm Sinead, a third year flautist from Dublin and I'm really excited to be running for Events and Socials Officer this year! I'm a fun loving and energetic person and I love to throw myself into everything I do! One of my favourite things about RNCM is the sense of community and so I am running for the SU because I want to bring our amazing community back together again in the most exciting way possible!

After a very different year to what we had planned, my main aim for next year is to give you all a college experience to remember by putting on a wide variety of events so that there's something for everyone! My priority is to make sure that everyone feels included and I want to make a special effort to give the current and new first years, first year postgrads and those studying online abroad the opportunity to experience RNCM life at it's best. I for one absolutely cannot wait to get back to our amazing SU parties and make them bigger and better than ever! Those nights have been some of my best college memories (or from what I can remember...) and what's better than an Irish person planning a Paddys Day party!!


I want to bring back with a bang all the old SU favourites like the Brodsky Jams, quiz nights and pub crawls which we have all greatly missed. I also want to have daytime events such as tea and cake afternoons and to get the yoga and Zumba classes going again. Reviving and promoting our societies is also something I want to put a lot of emphasis on. I will be there to support anyone who is looking to start or develop a society and I want to try and create a diverse portfolio of extra activities at RNCM.

We all deserve to have a great time at college and I want to be there to make this happen for you - let's get this party started!!

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Abhishek Kodaganullar Pichumani

Education Officer



You will be heard!

Hey there, My name is Abhishek Kodaganallur Pichumani (Do call me Abhi!). I hail from a small town in South India and graduated medical school in India as well. I am currently a first year Undergrad violinist and also a first year student rep. I am applying for the role of Education officer.


The past year as I spent time interacting with students and carrying out the duties of a student rep I realized that when students become stakeholders who have a strong say in the direction their education takes, their course becomes a lot more meaningful and fruitful. And having worked with the SU and been part of the degree committee meetings, I feel that I can represent my fellow students' interest and views to the staff and through effective communication try to help students feel heard and get them feeling good about their time and education at the RNCM.


The RNCM is a fantastic place to be a student of music and the people here are just wonderful. I was made to feel at home the moment I landed here. I was able to have wonderful interactions with everyone I met. By keeping up these interactions and forging new connections, I believe I would be in a position to understand what the individual student feels about their course and represent it well to those in charge.

Thank you for attending my TED talk. Do consider voting for me and have a lovely day 😊.

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Lizzy Russell

Education Officer


Lizzy .jpeg

Challenge yourself, Apply Yourself, Grow yourself 🌻

Hi! My name is Lizzy Russell, I am a 2nd year Oboist.

During my time RNCM I have really loved the support from students and staff alike and feel passionate about how we work together to further the success of our courses. I am an enthusiastic listener and communicator and really look forward to hearing what YOU have to say about your own course experiences. Together we will be able to take and shape ideas to improve our courses where needed, address matters of concern and acknowledge success.

I see the role of education officer as one who assists all students across the broad spectrum of educational needs and requirements, and I will give you all my full support and attention. I think this is an exciting role, I would love to be part of the SU and voice your opinions to the wider RNCM community!


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Michael Huit

Community & Environment Officer



Hello all, I'm applying for another role! If you're reading this then I didn't make the SU President's position, and a big congratulations to Rebecca for getting the role. That said, I still want to do my part to help in any way I can.

My values and stances remain the same as the last biography and manifesto I wrote - pushing for more honest discussion about wellbeing and equity, while also creating more spaces to discuss difficult topics, including a biweekly meeting to go over student opinions and collective thoughts for change. Creating positive, helpful solutions for the students has always been a priority throughout my campaign. If I'm given the chance to hold the Community and Environment Officer’s seat I will continue to pursue the same goals I set myself as the SU President - to establish an open, passionate and pragmatic Student's Union.

When it comes to the outreach of the College, I’d love to incorporate more Pop engagement for variety in showcases for young pupils interested in a range of music styles and genres. I’ll also be working closely with classical students to maintain the previously established outreach, and foster the local community of students looking to enter the RNCM.

In this position, I’ll also be pushing for simple environmental policies at first like getting non-cone shaped paper cups – the fact we still have plastic cups despite replacing straws shows how many micro-changes can be made within the college to significantly alter the way we use plastics and single-use goods. A stretch goal would be to assess the College’s method of energy consumption and find new ways to reduce our use of outdated fuels. By working closely with staff, and the many societies and SU members who are passionate about reducing waste and changing perceptions on environmental policy, I will work to create a cleaner and environmentally friendly direction for the College to work towards.

Let’s use our time, and set an example by creating a Green RNCM we can be proud of for years to come.

Winnie Su

Welfare Officer



As musicians, it is up to us to heal the wounds of our audiences that medicine cannot touch. It is a huge responsibility that requires us to confront our fears and struggles head on, every single day. And sometimes, we need a little nudge, a gentle reminder, to take care of ourselves so we can continue our vital work.

I'm Winnie, a second year undergraduate pianist, and I joined RNCM last September. I am so blessed that RNCM has been a safe, uplifting and encouraging environment for me despite lockdowns and restrictions. However, I know not all students have had this experience. I want to do what I can to share what I have with as many students as possible, and I believe as a welfare officer, I can create a safe and delightful environment for all students to thrive in their studies and health.

Alice Wriglesworth

Welfare Officer


Alice headshot.JPG

Hi!! My name is Alice, I am a 3rd year bassoonist, and I would absolutely love to be your welfare officer for 2021/22!! 


I think the importance of looking after our mental and physical well-being is more important now than ever before and I have so many ideas on how to support you all. I know that everyone’s experiences at college and during the last year have been different and I want to support you in any way that I can.

I love a cup of tea and chat and anyone who knows me will know I always have snacks so I can guarantee that if we have a cup of tea, it’s going to come with a biscuit. I hope to be a friendly face that you see around college and know that you can always come and have a chat about anything.


The current SU team have done a fantastic job at looking after us and I’d love to continue their great work if you vote for me.  I would love the opportunity to be on the SU and support you all in your time at the RNCM!


J-P Asumu

Diversity Officer



Hi! I'm J-P, I'm a 2nd year vocalist on the pop course and I am running for the SU Diversity Officer role!

I strongly believe that as a Popular Music student, being part of the SU Executive team would help to improve the RNCM from both the Classical and the pop courses.

As Diversity Officer, my main goals would be to:

1. Build on work already done in previous years to improve the number of underrepresented groups within college making everyone feel that they would be welcome to apply.

2. Create better cohesion between all groups with a focus on cross-school integration.

3. Strengthening what’s already being done in playing underrepresented music across the college.

4. Promote wider repertoire within courses to gain more diversity in what’s being played as well as who’s playing it.

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Gema Lu Cai

Diversity Officer



Just be kind, it’s not that hard

Hiya! My name is Gema Lu Cai and I’m a 1st year undergraduate piano student, nice to meet you all :).

If I’m being honest guys, I have been staring at this white sheet for a while and I don’t know where to begin. To cut to the chase, I’m running for Diversity Officer because I am especially passionate about fighting discrimination.

I advocate for empathy, kindness and equality (I know, everyone says that, but oh well, it is what it is). I have got plenty of ideas and initiatives such as campaigns, social events and even academic initiatives to raise awareness, aiming for the goal to try and make everyone feel accepted, included, heard, and that they belong in our lovely community.

We have come a long way in terms of inclusivity, but I think we can all agree with the fact that many things still need to change. Since I’m Spanish with Chinese heritage, I fully understand what it feels like to be discriminated against, and I made a promise to myself to try and never make someone feel like they’re left out or prejudiced against (and I feel like this role fits perfectly for this intention).

I will always stand up against injustices and help whoever needs support. And maybe this feels like I’m blowing my own horn, but I think I’m fairly friendly and easy to talk to, and I will always try my best to make everyone feel safe and welcomed.

RNCM is an immensely diverse place, and I strongly believe that we should celebrate that. Anyways, sorry if I sounded like a politician giving an intense speech. The only difference here is, I’m actually being honest ;) I won’t take more of your time, but vote for me!!! ...please?

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