9 essentials to pack when coming to RNCM



The Peak District is just a short train ride away and is the perfect place to reset and see the countryside! Also, waterproof shoes are never a bad idea in Manchester...




You can get pretty decent free versions of both of these on the App Store and they come with a guaranteed lifetime of usefulness 👌🏻


Sturdy bag

Handy for life generally but also for keeping scores, notebooks, pencils, umbrellas and (if you play an instrument small enough) keeping cases in


Music stand

This one feels like a bit of a 'well duh' moment but honestly, people (me) forget! Trying to get a practice room at RNCM can sometimes feel harder than finding gold at the end of the rainbow so it's good to have a space at home where you can practice. Or in your garden. Totally up to you!


Pencil (s)

Whether you bring these with you or take advantage of the multitude of free ones at Freshers' Fair (19/9, 1200-1600, RNCM), make sure you have one in your instrument case and one ALWAYS on your stand in rehearsals - or risk the wrath of the conductors


Water bottle

Useful to have in long rehearsals and also useful to have when the college water fountains run out of cups. Saving the environment too - win! 



Your hearing is easily damaged and not easily repaired - classical players too! If you don't already own a pair of earplugs you can get your hands on some for super discounted student rates when you arrive 😎



Electronic or paper, this is one of the handiest things you can pack for an RNCM life and beyond. In the words of Charlotte Ferry from Orchestras and Ensembles, 'A diary is for life - Asimut is just for college' (© ® TM Charlotte Ferry )



Umbrella, poncho - or all of the above! Manchester is in the top ten rainiest cities in the country. Get yourself a raincoat and be prepared to live in it. 

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