Piece of the Week Round-up

When we went into lockdown in Spring 2020, the O&E team had the difficult task of transferring their activities online. We got Zoom rep classes, entirely online projects (Check out Mr Blue Sky HERE) and were introduced the now in-demand leavers’ exit auditions. Along with this, and much more, Charlotte Ferry asked the SU what else we would like to see as part of the online offer. This is where ‘Piece of the Week’ came from! Suggested by our Education/ Activities officer Ellie Lee, it was a collaborative effort between O&E, P&P, the SU, Academic Studies and Heads of School.

Piece of the Week is what it says on the tin. We were treated to 20 marvellous pieces to learn and our fantastic academic staff provided interesting details and background information on the composers and works in question. The Nkoda links and videos can still be found on the O&E Moodle page HERE.

Below, you can find a round up of the 20 weeks (or you can check out the dedicated tab on our website). We have to say a HUGE thank you to Charlotte for putting this all together… we can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

Prokofiev, Romeo & Juliet, Suite No.1

Florence Price, Symphony No.1

Beethoven, Symphony No.4

Joan Tower, For the Uncommon Woman (No.4)

Mahler, Symphony No.7

Weber, Oberon, J.306: Overture

Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake Suite

Williams, Jurassic Park: Theme

Holst, The Planets, Op.32

Judith Weir, Forest

Rimsky-Korsakov, Capriccio Espagnol

Wagner, Die Walkure – Preludes to Acts 1 & 3

Clara Schumann, Piano Concerto

Dutilleux, Metaboles

Stauss, Salome Op.54

Ravel, Bolero

Sibelius, Symphony No.1

Unsuk Chin, Choros Chordon

Mozart, The Magic Flute, K.620:  Overture

Shostakovich, Symphony No.5


Re-unite Menu

We’ve been speaking to Jo and José to find out what’s on the menu for the next couple of weeks….

To make the celebrations extra special, the bar and catering team have put on a new menu for the Re-unite period. Starting at 4pm each day (including today!), there will be a whole list of extra things to get your hands on. Since alcohol is being served, everything will be table service so make sure you’ve downloaded the YoYo app!

New Food

Hot & Spicy chicken wings, BBQ chicken wings, halloumi sticks, onion rings, Quorn nuggets, potato wedges and assorted dips.

New Drinks

Kaltenberg!!! We’re back baby 😎

Tropical Reunion: Malibu Passion Fruit, Coconut Liqueur, Pineapple, Papaya, Mango & Apple Juice

Mexican Frappe: Kahlua, Milk, Cream, Coffee

Peach Perfect: Archers, Blackberries, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Banana & Apple Juice

For a full drinks menu, please visit the Yoyo app from 4-10pm every night.


FULL Re-unite//DeFreshers Line Up!

Has been officially announced! Read on to to find out exactly what’s in store…

Well the cat’s out the bag… we’ve been working extremely closely with the RNCM to put on the best 2 final weeks possible. Even in the current, uncertain climate, we’re stoked at the line-up of events and truly think there’s something in there for everyone. From Picnics to Parties, we’ve done everything we can to make the end of term as celebratory as possible. It’s been a hard year and that means we have to celebrate hard to make up for it!

Re-unite is all about bringing the community back together again. Every night from June 22nd – July 2nd (Except June 23rd for reasons explained later…), The college bar will be BACK IN ACTION from 4 – 10:30pm!! We never thought we’d see the day where we missed Kaltenberg… how times change.

DeFreshers is the SU’s best attempt at putting on something relating to a Freshers week. Now of course we can’t put club nights on every evening, but we’ve pulled together some classic events and some new ones too… let us know what you think!

Wednesday 23rd June

10am Netball

In collaboration with the RNCM Netball Society, we are running a friendly netball tournament! Hosted at The Pitch in Media City, we will be meeting at the RNCM at 9am to catch the bus together and have a couple of hours of friendly matches (if we’re feeling fit enough). Sign up on Moodle – All abilities are welcome. Join the RNCM Netball Facebook Group to find out when you can pop along to a training session https://www.facebook.com/groups/724647704549163/

1pm Sports Day

More info about the contents of the event can be found HERE.


School of Composition

School of Keyboard Studies

School of Popular Music

School of Strings


School of Vocal Studies and Opera

School of Wind, Brass and Percussion


Students’ Union

EVERYONE is welcome – come along to join in or support your teams! There’s an outdoor spectator area and an indoor bar. Bring your trainers!

2:30pm Football Tournament

More info can be found HERE.

Pitch 1Pitch 2
2:30pm- SVSO vs STAFF2:30pm- SWBP vs SU
2:40pm – SC vs SS2:40pm- SKS vs SPOP
2:50pm- SWBP vs SPOP2:50pm- STAFF vs SU
3:00pm- SVSO vs SC3:00pm- SS vs SU
3:10pm- SS vs SKS3:10pm- SPOP vs SC
3:20pm- SWBP vs SVSO3:20pm- SKS vs STAFF
3:30pm- SVSO vs SKS3:30pm- SWBP vs SC
3:40pm- BREAK3:40pm- BREAK
3:50pm- SS vs STAFF3:50pm- SPOP vs SU
4:00pm- SVSO vs SPOP4:00pm- SKS vs SU
4:10pm- SU vs SC4:10pm-SWBP vs STAFF
4:20pm- SVSO vs SS4:20pm- SC vs SKS
4:30pm- SWBP vs SKS4:30pm- SS vs SPOP
4:40pm- SVSO vs SU4:40pm- STAFF vs SPOP
4:50pm- STAFF vs SC4:50pm- SWBP vs SS
Table of Fixtures

8pm PG Pub Quiz

Our classic Freshers event is back! All Postgraduate and above students are invited to take part in the event. Simply book a table on ASIMUT and come along! A great opportunity to meet fellow PG students, this one is always a hit!

EDIT: Due to Brodsky being unavailable, we’ve moved into the main Café area. This means sign-ups have been expanded to include all students regardless of your year/ course.

Friday 25th June

Finale of Green Week with Climate Action Society

11am Rounders

All staff and students are welcome to join the SU and RNCM Climate Action society at Whitworth Park for a friendly game or 2 of Rounders! Sign up on Moodle. Followed by…

12:30pm Picnic

An amazing and FREE* Picnic created by the RNCM Catering Team. All food will be Vegan (and very tasty.)

*30 packed lunches only, first come, first served. (at Whitworth park)

Saturday 26th June

7pm Leavers Ball (cancelled)

More information can be found HERE.

Ticket sales end MIDNIGHT June 15th. Get yours HERE.

Monday 28th June

Postponed Party (rescheduled for Freshers’ Week 2021)

We had a smashing party lined up for you guys but unfortunately it won’t be able to go ahead in the timescale we’d hoped for due to the government announcement. Fear not though, it will make an appearance next academic year and you’re all invited! Instead, spend this evening bopping along with all our amazing pop course bands as part of Re-unite at the RNCM!

Tuesday 29th June

5:30pm Play at First Sight

Our newest event! We’re not going to lie, we totally stole the idea from Jeremy and Donald in the Chamber Music department. Open to Keyboard and Strings students on a first-come-first-served basis, this event will see us ploughing through some popular repertoire whilst having a laugh and a few drinks. Don’t worry, it won’t all fall apart as we’re being joined by Donald Grant, Harvey Davies and Petr Prause!

This event is sign-up only – check our events page on Moodle to get your name down.

NB. Signing up on Moodle does NOT guarantee a place in the event, you’ll have to be in the building too! You can do this by either booking a table on ASIMUT or relying on the walk-in service.

Thursday 1st July

7pm Bingo

It is what it says on the tin. Turn up and play!

You can either book a table on ASIMUT or rely on the walk-in service

8pm Jam Night

Our favourite! Come and join us for our final event as we bring back the Brodsky Jam to a bigger audience. We have a cracking house band (John Kelly, Cam Chin-see, Reb Palmer-Fenney, Ethan Gillespie and Eden Longson) who will be warming you up with a few tunes. Again, everyone is welcome regardless of instrument, experience or genre (in fact, the crazier the better!)

We hope you like the look of our events – remember, these are all surrounded by the programmed performances going on in the building too. Don’t forget that you can pre-book your seat in the building to get involved with the music and be part of the RNCM audience. All performances will be streamed to the cafe and concourses, so you won’t miss out if you’re not in the venue!

At the bottom of this blog is a simple floor plan of what the venue is going to look like… get your seats booked ASAP!

connecting the dots

CTD Full Panel Announcement

After the success of lasts week’s Orchestra’s and & Ensembles Panel, we’re excited to announce another FOUR panels coming your way over the next week! We will be speaking to:

Marketing & Student Recruitment (Mon 14th at 11am)

RNCM Library Staff (Weds 16th at 1pm)

RNCM Development Team (Thurs 17th at 11am)

RNCM Programming Team (Friday 18th at 2pm)

We’ve organised these events to have insight into all the amazing work that RNCM Staff do, and hopefully open doors to our pool of future careers! Every Panel is with staff members that have had a direct impact on our student experience (whether it’s obvious or not), so we’d recommend coming along, expanding your knowledge and asking as many questions as you can!

After all the panels have taken place, you’ll be able to watch the recordings back online at www.rncmconnect.com. If you want to read more about what Connecting the Dots is, check out our page on the website HERE.

Sports Dy and Football

Sports Day // Football tournament

Our next DeFreshers announcement is here!

The SU Team has been toying with the idea of a Sports Day for years and we’re proud to announce that we’ve finally made it happen! Hosted at Powerleague in Ardwick (a mere 20 min walk from the RNCM), we will be running an Old School Sports Day followed by a Football Tournament, in collaboration with the RNCM Football Society.

Event information is as follows:

When? Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Where? Powerleague, Ardwick, M12 4JD

What Time? Events start 1pm, finish at 5:30pm

Sports ‘day’ will be run in 2 chunks: 1-1:45pm (teams 1-4), 1:45-2:30pm (teams 5-8).

The 5-a-side Football Tournament is in collaboration with the RNCM Football society and will run from 2:30-5:30pm on the same day. 

Sports Day events are:

  • Egg ‘N’ Spoon
  • Bean Head
  • Skipping
  • 3-Legged Race
  • Leap Frog
  • Sack Race
  • Hula Hoops
  • Throwing
  • Binocular Slalom
  • Space Hopper​
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Full Team Relay
  • Tug of War

There will hopefully be space for spectators on the sidelines to cheer on the competitors. The numbers/limits will be confirmed following the government roadmap announcement on June 14th. Powerleague has a bar which serves food and drinks (soft and alcohol), so we’re confident that this is going to be a smashing event!

Sign-up for teams can be found on Moodle here: https://moodle.rncm.ac.uk/moodle/course/view.php?id=441

The winning team will score the 2021 SU Trophy which will be displayed on the Student Deck… better get training!

connecting the dots

Connecting the Dots Panel series

The SU are excited to announce the launch of our Connecting the Dots Panel series, in collaboration with RNCM Staff. Connecting the Dots (CTD) was an initiative created in Autumn 2020 to support our 2020 graduates and beyond, and you will be able to read more about the background of the project on our CTD Page (coming soon when DeFreshers//Re-unite organisation is over!) For now, read on to find out about what the panel series is for, who is involved and what the theme of the first panel is!

What’s it all about

We’ve created these panels for a few reasons:

  • It’s a great way to delve further into what the music industry has to offer – we’re training in a performance degree, but performing isn’t the only way to make a living as a musician!
  • It’s an opportunity for all students to ask questions and get to know more about each job. We will be able to learn more about what skills are involved in different lines of work, and whether the jobs will be suitable for our own unique skillsets and experiences.
  • It will keep building on our connections and strengthen the RNCM community. Everyone involved in the series is part of the RNCM, and having a greater understanding of their roles will help us to understand how the college runs and how we are a part of it!

Who is involved

Staff from all over the college have volunteered to contribute to Connecting the Dots. They have profiles on RNCM Connect (https://rncmconnect.com/groups/13/feed) which detail their career highlights, memorable moments and relevant skills, and we will keep updating and adding new profiles as they come in. A snapshot of different roles include:

  • Orchestral Management
  • Librarianship
  • Head of School
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Senior Development manager
  • Marketing and recruitment
  • Board of Governors members

There are, of course, LOADS more jobs and areas within the college. If you can’t see something that you’re interested in, send an email to supresident@rncm.ac.uk and we will try and create the pathway for you to learn more!

We are in the process of nailing down all the dates for our panels, but for now, get June 10th in your diary…

Orchestra’s & Ensembles Q&A

Thursday 10th June, 4pm. Live on the RNCM Students’ Union Facebook page.

Join Charlotte Ferry, Amy Gordon and Tom Goddard as they talk all about their careers in Orchestral Management and librarianship. They will introduce you to their roles, give insights into their career with highlights and memorable moments, and answer any questions you throw at them (within reason).

Charlotte is part of the Connecting the Dots team, which is what makes the O&E panel so fitting to be the first one in the series. She’s keen to help build clearer paths for students from studying into work, and break down any pre-conceived ideas of what ‘other’ music industry jobs entail.

We’re so excited to be kicking this series off and we can’t wait to announce the other panels over the next few days!

Looking forward to seeing your questions on Thursday! 🤓

Copy of Summer ball instagram poster

Leaver’s Ball

Our First DeFreshers event has been formally announced! Here are the details you need to know:

When: Saturday 26th June, 7pm til late

Where: The Midland

How much: £40

Each Attendee will get: 2 drinks on arrival (Prosecco or Orange Juice), a 3 course meal and half a bottle of wine (re or white).

This is a leavers priority event, however there will be opportunity for everyone to book a ticket, and the details for booking are as follows:

  • Leavers’ tickets will go on sale on Friday 4th June – Each guest will be allowed a plus 1, which will be paid for at the same time as the leavers’ ticket.
  • General student tickets will be released on Monday 7th June – Plus 1s will remain an option with these tickets subject to availability.
  • All ticket sales will end at Midnight on Tuesday 15th June.

At this moment, we have limited tickets due to venue restrictions in line with social distancing, but we’re prepared to release extra tickets on the evening of June 14th following the Government announcement if guidelines change! If you miss out on a ticket, simply keep your eye on your inbox on the 14th June to see if any more tickets become available. You’ll have to be speedy though – the deadline for purchasing tickets is just over 24 hours later!

With each ticket purchase, you will be sent 2 additional forms to complete:

  1. Dietary requirements/allergies – deadline: Tuesday 15th June
  2. Seating preferences – deadline: Saturday 19th June
SUMMER BALL MENU: Chicken and Leek Terrine, Sage Scented Slow Roast Pork Shoulder, Raspberry and White chocolate Croissant Pudding. VEG MENU: Roasted Celeriac Soup, BBQ’D Butternut Squash, Raspberry and White Chocolate Croissant Pudding. EXTRAS: 2 Glasses of Prosecco or Orange Juice on arrival & Half a Bottle of Red/White Wine.

Ticket links will be emailed to all leavers on Friday June 4th. Ticket links will be emailed to all students on Monday 7th June and will also be put on this website.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

SU Team x



The end of term is nigh and we’re so excited to kick off our official promo for the end of term events this week! From June 22nd – July 2nd, there will be 2 types of celebrations going on: Re-unite and DeFreshers.

Re-unite is a collaboration between the SU and the RNCM. After working alongside Programming, Catering and the Operations team, we’ve manage to score a 2 week celebration at the end of term, combining fun events with performances and bringing back the all important RNCM bar atmosphere. From 4pm each day the communal areas will be transformed to open up for socialising, listening to great performances and having some tasty food and drinks (Kaltenberg anyone?).

Look out for more information from the Programming team about the performances that will be happening. All students can apply to play on the Pop-up stage at this link by 12pm on Friday 4th June! https://forms.gle/VTfSWgxGX42mtGYb9

As part of Re-unite we have:

  • Jam Night (A mix between the Brodsky Jam and Freshers’ Week Bandeoke)
  • Play at First Sight (a brand new event!)
  • Post-Grad Pub Quiz
  • BINGO!

DeFreshers was our genius plan before this academic year even started. When we decided to replace our traditional Freshers with a Welcome Week (to avoid club night/ party night disappointment), we came up with the idea of DeFreshers – effectively a Freshers week for the end of the year! Why have we never thought of this before? The weather is good, exams are over, and there’s no awkward introductions – it’s the perfect event that should stick around post-pandemic!

We never expected to still be following social-distancing rules, but we have done what we can to make our very first DeFreshers a special one. We will be releasing event-specific info on our blog and our social media over the next 2 weeks, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

We have:

  • Leavers’ Ball (Priority tickets for leavers on sale Friday 4th June with General sale opening Monday 7th June)
  • Old School Sports Day (Get your competitive heads on for an inter-school competition, including a football tournament in collaboration with our RNCM Football Society)
  • Party night! (TBC, dependent on Government guidance. Full announcement to be made after Boris takes the stage on June 14th)

Watch this space for more Re-unite//De-Freshers info…


Photo of the 2020/2021 team

New 2021-2022 Team

Your new SU have been elected! We have 6 fresh faces ready to make your 21/22 year the best it can possibly be. New team members bring new ideas and they will be raring to go, taking on board all your suggestions and feedback to make sure you can make up for lost time over the past 18 months.

The team are:

SU President – Rebecca Anderson (MMus 2, voice)

Events & Socials Officer – Sinead Walsh (BMus 3, flute)

Education Officer – Lizzy Russell (BMus 2, oboe)

Diversity Officer – J-P Asumu (BMusP 2, vocals)

Welfare Officer – Alice Wriglesworth (BMus 3, Bassoon)

Community & Environment Officer – Michael Huit (BMusP, vocals)