by Emily Revill, Community Officer

Musicians wanted

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Hello! Can you both tell us a bit about your jobs?

We are both Programme and Assessment Coordinators and split the year groups between us. We work closely with Student Wellbeing and Support as well as the Head and Assistant Head of Programmes. Emily looks after BMus and GRNCM 1 & 2 and Fran, 3 & 4. We are usually the first port of call for any programme related issues or queries; we timetable the academic activities, coordinate assessments, organise DBS checks and much, much more!

Can you tell us a Registry secret or tradition? 

We like a good sweepstake but last year, things got a little out of hand when pictures of Jon from Great British Bake Off (Hawaiian shirt dude) started appearing all over Fran’s desk… even in her coffee cup. To this day, he is still a huge part of our lives and he is now the star on our Christmas tree in Registry. Please see the shrine which was left on Fran’s desk below, after he was given the boot.  



Not so much a tradition, but a game – there is a constant war over the heating/air con unit. It’s like being in the desert both in the day and at night. 

We also love a good biccie... we always have a plethora of treats on the designated treat table, and if it isn’t stocked, we ensure that we go out and restock immediately. Registry members also have a varied idea of what an ‘ideal’ cuppa is meant to look like.. please see image below. You make up your mind as to which is right and wrong… but people who have tea any other colour besides A1, A2, B1, B2, and D1 are not to be trusted… Fran: B2 and Em: D1

What is the funniest/weirdest email you’ve ever had from a student or favourite thing you’ve seen/done at the RNCM? 

Wow, we wouldn’t be able to tell you many of the things we receive/hear… Actually we definitely can’t tell you as per GDPR!

But, our favourite thing we have seen is the yearly Irish Dancing Competition where for the whole week fake tan mist is thick in the air and little girls are dressed up like Dolly Parton.

Emily – you’re also a Mental Health First Aider. Could you tell us a bit about that?

So, as a mental health first aider I can be there to assist in a mental health crisis, to provide initial practical help and to offer  

Emily and I also love working at graduation – although it is quite stressful behind the scenes. Again, there have been some magical moments witnessed, but unfortunately we cannot share these… ;)  

support and information. There are 4 of us in College who can be available for a confidential chat in a private space.

How can students get in touch with you? 

The best way is via email, phone or just come into Student Enquiries – we are very happy to help!

0161 9075260 or

0161 9075277

What’s the worst and best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Worst: people never give us bad advice

Best: Always submit your work on time, by 1330 on your deadline ;)

(computer problems are not accepted as a reason for non-submission)

What’s your favourite thing about working at the RNCM?

We love our little Registry family and working in a really creative environment. We also particularly love the proximity of RNCM to Umami, Eat Goody and Falafel and the fantastic range of food outlets on Oxford Road. We love food.

Would you rather be unable to use search engines or unable to use social media?

For Fran, it would be awful never to be able to use a search engine again – where would she get the amazing cat videos and facts from?? In fact, we would both be happy to never use social media again. Our beloved Registry cardboard cut-out Britney was recently taken to a student party and ended up being decapitated over social media. We are distraught. 

Soloist or chamber group sought to perform at homeless charity, Openshaw, East Manchester

Date and time to be agreed

A supported living provision based in Openshaw, East Manchester, is seeking musicians to perform for the tenants. The charity is designed to help homeless people transition from a life on the streets to a secure, long term tenancy. They house both male and female tenants suffering from a variety of economic fragility, mental health issues, and alcohol/substance abuse concerns.

The organisers are keen for musicians to perform to give the tenants a taste of classical music, and transport to/from the service can be arranged.

For further details or to register your interest, please email Andy at

Musicians wanted to play at the Beenstock Home, Salford

A nursing and residential home in Salford are asking for volunteers to go and play for their residents.

If this is something you are interested in, please email their activity coordinator Miss Chaya Lock for more details. Email:

What's on?




Student Reyan Murtadha has organised a concert at St Chrysostoms on the 14th March.


Play Like A Girl is a concert to celebrate female musicians and composers in the same month as International Women's Day! This packed concert will include different sized groups, all of whom are performing works by female composers to raise awareness of their music. Confirmed musicians are:
Kathryn Mason, Harpist
Jura Piano Trio
Medlock Trio
An original work by Anna Disley-Simpson
Dolce Flute Quartet
All proceeds will be donated to Maggie's Cancer Centre.
Hope to see you there!
£5 Adult/
£3 Student


We caught up with the ladies that keep Undergraduate Programmes running smoothly 

(SU note - Britney came into our lives in the Freshers of 2017. She made the move to Registry after we left her in Adam Croucher's office as a prank, where she enjoyed a quiet life as the guardian of the Registry treat table. However, Britney missed her party days so we brought her back for our recent Legacy event. We are equally devastated at her loss but are comforted by the fact that she went out on a high)

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