Careers Support Project between RNCM and RNCMSU


Connecting the Dots (CTD) was created in Autumn 2020 to help support RNCM students through their studies and graduation into their careers. There are thousands of jobs within the music industry and millions outside of it, and whilst we train in a very specific area, we are not limited by our skills or experience. In fact, our hands-on degrees and specialism gives us admirable traits, and we decided that it was time to look outside of the traditional* Music college graduate path.

*hint, ‘Traditional’ isn’t really a thing. RNCM alumni all go on to do wonderful, exciting things after their time ends as RNCM students, it’s just that our focus within the college tends to lead towards orchestral seats or gigging! This project is all about opening our eyes to what success is, whether it’s down the expected route or not.


The great thing about CTD is that the team who set the project off we brought together from various different areas of the college. 

  • Cara Houghton (SU President 20/21)
  • Charlotte Ferry (Orchestras and Ensembles Manager, SWBP)
  • Lisa Pring (Alumni Relations manager)
  • Michelle Phillips (Deputy Head of Undergraduate programmes and course leader GRNCM)
  • Hannah McCabe (Fellow in Creative and Professional practice)
  • Andrew Bayly (Head of Orchestras and Ensembles)
  • Liz Rowley (Deputy director of marketing and student recruitment)
  • Ava Podgorski (StART Entrepreneurship project Coordinator)

This project has thrived by bringing together people who wouldn’t normally work together, and that is CTD in a nutshell. It’s about pooling resources, finding new pathways and opening minds towards different opportunities!


Connecting the Dots was created to fill a careers support sized gap in the student experience. We tailored our activities to your feedback – prioritising CV writing, job applications and industry jobs – based information.

CTD is a fantastic opportunity to explore the ins and outs of college more too. It’s easy to have pre-conceived ideas of what jobs entail and we hope that this project can bring more understanding and connection around different careers – maybe your perfect job lies right on your doorstep!

The most important thing is building pathways, both internally and externally, and making the mental connections too! Check out our events to see how you can be involved with the project.


Skills Session with Susan Eldridge

This hour-long session is to kick start our new careers initiative, Connecting the Dots - organised by staff from across the college and the SU. Susan Eldridge will invite you to discover (and remember!) your skills and interests, and at the end of the session you will be linked to a quick questionnaire that will lead you to a page full of information on various Music Industry Jobs within the RNCM.
Email for a link to the recording and questionnaire.

Creating your CV with Susan Eldridge

We'd love you to join us for the second instalment, focusing on the crucial art of building your CV and how to approach applications. We thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to refresh your minds and give you the confidence to write your best CV, which could help you to land that perfect role, or secure funding for further study or creative projects. 

We're really excited to be welcoming back Susan Eldridge from Notable Values to offer her expertise and insight into these vital skills. Susan is in great demand as a career coach, mentor and speaker, and her workshops are truly inspirational and insightful - as well as practical! And the strategies you learn from her session are totally transferable, regardless of the type of job, scholarship, or industry you're looking into.
Email for a link to the recording

Orchestras & Ensembles Q&A

Join Charlotte Ferry, Amy Gordon and Tom Goddard as they talk all about their careers in Orchestral Management and librarianship. They will introduce you to their roles, give insights into their career with highlights and memorable moments, and answer any questions you throw at them (within reason). Charlotte is part of the Connecting the Dots team, which is what makes the O&E panel so fitting to be the first one in the series. She’s keen to help build clearer paths for students from studying into work, and break down any pre-conceived ideas of what ‘other’ music industry jobs entail.