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What does a typical day for you look like?

What is one thing you wish students knew that you get asked the most?

What is the funniest/weirdest request you have had?

Piano usage and piano protocol! It’s not really a question we get asked a lot but more something we find and observe. Students often get confused about which pianos they are permitted to use and which ones they aren’t. It’s all in the student handbook for people to read.


If you move something from a room, always remember to take it back. It’s the worst thing when you’re trying to set up a room and you can’t find the equipment you need.

Again, it’s not really a request, but one student once lost their wallet and and suggested someone could have climbed through the air vents to take it.


Another incident is when I told a student in the Carol Nash they weren’t permitted to use the piano and they convinced me they needed to use it because they were planning to serenade someone with a love song. I believed them and let them stay. It was only the week after when I realised, I think they might have been having me on.


What is your favourite thing about working at the RNCM?

You guys! We wouldn’t have jobs without the students. I love the atmosphere and buzz around RNCM, there’s such a natural energy here.

Musicians wanted

Peter Taylor, a third year creative music technology student at the University of Salford, is looking for some players to take part in a charity music event to help the homeless in Manchester.


The event is called Videogames in Concert and is centered around videogame music. It's taking place on the 30th of November and features an array of ensembles including a wind band, a choir, several pop ensembles as well as soloists and duets with both live instruments and backing tracks. They’re currently looking for three trumpet players, two clarinet players and one tuba player, although if there are any vocalists interested in engaging with a range of choral work including a Japanese choral piece, Peter would be glad if you could get in touch.


Unfortunately, as this is a charity event, they won’t be able to offer a fee. Please email Peter if you are interested:

Two groups sought to perform seasonal jazz music at Cheadle Victorian Christmas Market, Cheshire
Saturday 1st December 2018 [paid]

Group one

This is an established village-wide community event now in its sixth year. Music would support the lively atmosphere amongst the market stalls and traditional games in the Churchyard that lead to a warm welcome inside the Church.

Wanted - a small group of musicians to play a selection of seasonal music. Siting would be in a prominent external position next to Churchyard entrance, under a gazebo.

Timings: Approx. 12pm - 4pm with regular breaks/supply of hot drinks.

Expenses paid - £250 plus opportunity to busk.

Group two
This is an opportunity to perform under a covered gazebo In the adjoining High St where groups perform to the passing public walking between the two market areas.


Times as follows:

10.30am - 11.00am

11.20pm - 11.40pm

12noon  - 12.20pm

12.40pm -  1.00pm

1.20pm -  1.40pm

2.00pm -  2.20pm

2.40pm -  3.00pm

Total playing time 2hrs 30mins


This group will not be able to take donations, but a fee of £250 is available.


Interested groups can contact Sally by email at or on 07807 903088.



'Controversial content' - diversity panel discussion

RNCM SU Pub quiz + Brodsky Jam

BRODSKY, doors 20:30
BRODSKY, quiz 19:00, jam 21:00

dates for your diary




It varies massively! During term time we have scheduled jobs based around academics. We either work the morning shift starting at 7:30am and finishing at 3:00pm, or the evening shift which is 3:00-10:30pm. As well as doing our scheduled jobs, we get many spontaneous requests, with students either visiting our office or jobs getting radioed through. I think we’re the only department that works with and for every other department in the college. When it’s busy, it’s very busy and when it’s quiet, it’s quiet, so it definitely varies a lot.


RNCM SU Christmas Party

THE BREAD SHED, doors 22:00

Manchester Universities Christian Union Carol Service

Wyatt Sinfonia, Conductor Zoё Kundu


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