by Emily Revill, Community Officer

Jobs + performance opportunities

Three performance opportunities: French horn and cello

St Paul’s Church, Longridge (near Preston)

£50 per performance plus travel

Three performance opportunities are available at St Paul’s, Church Street, Longridge PR3 3WG. Details as follows:

  • Cello - Sunday 7 April 2019, 10:30am – playing a solo piece of own choice.

  • French Horn – Sunday 21 April 2019 (Easter Sunday) - playing a solo piece (up to 5 mins) midway through the 10am-11:30am service. We would also be open to a duet for this event.

  • Cello – Sunday 22 December 2019, 6:30pm service of nine lessons and carols. A solo piece (up to 5 mins) midway through the service. We would be looking for a moving piece of Bach.

Instrumental or vocal group sought to perform at specialist school, Blackburn

Newfield School provides high quality specialist education for children and young people aged 2 - 19 years who have a wide range of learning needs, including autism, complex medical needs and sensory impairments. The school would be delighted if an instrumental or vocal group would come to give a demonstration and performance to the pupils at an assembly.

For further details or to register your interest, please email Gemma at



The church can help with transport either by collection from the train station or via giving expenses. For

further details or to

register your interest,

please email Rebekah at rebekahokpoti


Part Time Tutor Job Opportunity

Looking for a flexible, rewarding part time job? Want to gain work experience in the school setting? Apply to be a tutor with @TheTutorTrust - https://bit.ly/2TfOCk1

The Tutor Trust work with disadvantaged children with the aim to democratise tuition and are currently recruiting! If you are interested in paid, flexible, rewarding part-time work follow the link to open an application and find out more- https://bit.ly/2TfOCk1

7.3 questions with 




Hello! Can you tell us a bit about your job?

My job at the RNCM covers a variety of support functions, but essentially it’s to ensure that the building provides what its users expect from it and that everyone who comes to the RNCM is looked after safely. 

How long have you been at the RNCM now? 

Coming up to nine years this December! 

What is the oddest email you’ve ever had from a student in all that time?

Being asked by a student if it was ok to play a trumpet whilst submerged in a bath of water in the Concert Hall was definitely one of the stranger requests we’ve had through.... Seeing our students perform Mahler 2 in the CH a few years back however is definitely a stand out moment for me - a very special evening. 

You’re also a mental health first aider – can you tell us a bit about that?

Sure - I’m one of a team of four staff who have received some training in providing first aid for any student or staff member that is suffering with their mental health. Although we are not a qualified counselling service we can provide a first response for anyone that is having a bad day by listening to problems, offering support and signposting to any relevant services for further help. Sometimes people just want to offload to someone in confidence about what’s bothering them - and that’s fine, as we’re all good listeners! 

How can students get in touch with you? 

Anyone who wants to access support from me can either get in touch over the telephone on 0161 907 5355 (ext 355 off an internal phone), by email atdominic.wood@rncm.ac.uk or by popping along to the operations office to say hello. (note from us - this is between Student Enquiries and the SU Office!)

What’s the worst and best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. From my perspective trying to be productive keeps me (in the main!) relaxed and in control - procrastinating tends to make me pretty anxious! 

What would be your top piece of advice for RNCM students? 

To make it a priority to get to know as many of the RNCM staff as possible, as we are here to provide support. In my experience, the students who ask the most questions and constantly challenge us to meet their expectations always get the most out of their time here. 

And finally question 0.3 - Would you rather your only mode of transportation be a donkey or a giraffe? 

Hmmm, tough one as both are pretty cool animals, but I don’t think a giraffe would be as dependable as a donkey would it? Donkey it is! 

A Lonely Pianist

As part of his year 4 Creative Project, Clarence Ip-Tang has created a blog about mental health and well-being aimed at musicians and the general public. If you want to check it out, you can find his blog at alonelypianist.wordpress.com.

Student blogs

·      International ‘Youth Strike for Climate’


There's an international 'Youth Strike for Climate' protest happening on the 15th February, and in Manchester it will be happening from 12 until 2pm in St. Peter's Square. The protest has been organised by 'Fridays for the Future', and it's also going to be well attended by Extinction Rebellion. 


In the words of the organisers: "Millions of young people are waking up to the fact that we have to act now to avert the worst effects of climate breakdown. From the school strikers in Australia to Greta Thunberg, we are joining our voices in protest.

We will be joining up with other strikers of all ages around the UK on the 15th February in Manchester. We will stand in solidarity with young people around the world demanding climate justice. "


It's a peaceful protest and all anyone needs to do is turn up. I'm sure many of us will have free schedules from 12 until 2 on Friday so it would be great to see lots of people there!

Macclesfield Violin Recital 22nd February


As part of her Creative Project, Mackenzie Paget and Laura Embrey are doing a charity violin and piano recital in Macclesfield on the 22nd February at 1230. Macclesfield is a town only a short train ride (and cheap train ticket!) away from the city. The recital is in aid of Coeliac UK, who do a lot of valuable work supporting people diagnosed with coeliac disease. 

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