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Murder Mystery: Monday-Friday @ 5pm

Fancy yourself as a bit of a detective? 

Come along to our 1920's themed Murder Mystery Zoom party to put your acting and investigative skills to the ultimate test.

By the end of the night, 3 of you will be dead (not literally) and one of you will have committed the murders (hopefully not literally too). Nobody will know who is going to be killed or who the murderer is, even if it is you.

Sign up for the event by 23:55 on 19/09/20 so secure yourself a pre-assigned character pack and a chance to get into your role (props and decorations encouraged!)

Slots are limited to 29 per session so don't dilly - dally!

Sign up HERE​ - Don't forget you'll have to sign in to Moodle to have access, scroll down to the day you want!


TaskMaster - Everyday @ 7:15pm

The team- based competition that is going to take over your whole week!

Every day, the SU team will jump online and set your team a challenge to complete by 3pm the next day. There will be no warning as to what kind of challenge you will get so be prepared for anything!

To get involved, sign up on Moodle in teams of 4-8 players made up of current students. If you're a new students, the SU popped you into teams via your emails a few weeks ago, so have a look there if you're trying to find  a place to start!

Check out our event video HERE to get a taste of what could be around the corner... (pun intended)

Sign your team up HERE and don't forget that registration closes at 23:55 on 19/09/20! (remember to log in for access)

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50/50 - Monday @ 7:45pm

Our first evening event is a MAJOR throwback ⬅

If you didn't grow up watching CBBC, 50/50 was the TV show that every school kid dreamed they would go on. Full of individual competitions and full - house quizzes, this is a great way to kick off our Welcome Week!

On the day, you'll be given a colour and a number (which means you'll be split into 2 HUGE teams) and from that point you will battle it out with your fellow students to win the 50/50 trophy! Who will win? Blue team or Yellow team? It's up to YOU to decide 💃

Everyone who gets picked for an individual challenge will automatically earn themselves a point to go towards their Taskmaster Team score, and the overall winning team (Yellow or Blue) will gain additional Taskmaster points too!

This is the perfect way to get a head start in the week - long competition, so don't forget to sign up HERE!


Cock(tail)-Along - Tuesday @ 7:45pm

Our First Fabulous Facebook live-stream will be hosted by the equally Fabulous Bar Manager José and his sidekick (one of the SU team).

Get your mixers ready (non-alcoholic mocktails also available) and prepare to make yourselves some smashing cocktails! The Bar might be closed for the foreseeable future but don't worry, we gotchu boo x

Not only will there be a chance to gain team Taskmaster points (show and tell - Blue Peter style) but José will be choosing his favourite photo submission for an extra prize *crowd goes oooo*

You don't have to sign up for this one but check out the Facebook event so you can pick up additional info.


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QUIZ - Wednesday @ 7:45pm

We all knew it was coming, the classic Lock-down Zoom quizeroo.

Don't knock ours til' you try it though, our Term 3 zoom quizzes provided heaps of entertainment - and SU based embarrassment - and we're stepping it up a notch because well, it's Welcome Week isn't it? 

Teams can range from 1-8 players and we'd recommend going big to win big. Not only will the winning team be crowned Welcome Week QUIZ victors, but each individual person will win maximum points to contribute to their Taskmaster team score.

You can sign up in any team and it doesn't have to be your Taskmaster team, since it's the individual points that we will add to the score. The eagle eyed ones amongst you will have realised that if you DO enter as your Taskmaster team and you DO win, you'll be securing maximum points to add to your Taskmaster score 😏 (how many times can you say Taskmaster in one paragraph?)

To take part in the QUIZ, sign up by emailing any time before 7:45pm on 23/09/20. 


Cook-Along - Thursday @ 7:45pm

Pretty similar to our Tuesday night event, except this time there's an O instead of a C in the title.

Round up your housemates/ family and get your oven gloves on because the next Masterchef is in town (it's you).

Join our fantastic chef and one terrified SU member (we're terrible cooks) to follow our Facebook live stream and make your own lovely meals. Even if you don't like cooking it's worth tuning in just to snoop around the inside of the college kitchens, we know you want to.

Normally, Freshers week would have a sit down meal thrown in there but we knew that wouldn't happen this year - so we decided to bring the food to you! Get yourselves dressed up, decorate your kitchen to look like the Midland Hotel and snap some cheesy pics, it's always a night to remember. 

Ingredients list incoming!

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Stars in their Eyes! (1).png

Stars in their eyes - Friday @ 7:45pm

Our final event! 

Kinda in - person, Kinda online, but don't call it 'blended' or we'll punch you in the face. Stars in their eyes is an outside performance with a live streamed audience and it's probably the closest thing any of us will get to a gig for a while.

8, 15 minute slots are up on Moodle for the greatest RNCM tribute acts to sign up for and compete for the winning spot. If you have no idea what we're talking about, search for 'stars in their eyes' on Youtube and prepare for 90's fashion, poor camera quality and questionable humour.

If you're living in Sir Charles Grove Halls and have a courtyard-facing flat, you'll have front row seats to the gig from your kitchens. Everyone else, we'll be streaming live to Facebook so keep your eyes peeled.

At the end of the night, the public (students) will vote for their favourite tribute act and the results will be announced live on air. As always, the winners will take away individual points to add to their Taskmaster score! If you want to be in the band, Sign up HERE and follow the instructions at the top of the page. May the best tribute win ✨