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Elections for the SU team run at the beginning of term 3 each year and are open to all returning students, with the exception of the SU President, which is available to any current student. If you don't fancy the team but still want to be involved, Student Representative Roles are appointed at the beginning of Term 1, and any student can put themselves forward for the voluntary position. We have School/ instrument reps and course/ year reps, you can find out more about them HERE.
Check out the profiles below to discover what it's like to be on the RNCM Students' Union!

I like getting to meet so many people and seeing events coming together!

The Best part of the Job is that no two days are the same. I get to interact with all of the Staff and Students and I love meeting new people!

I love being able to support students in reaching their full potential.

I love meeting people and also sharing my passion for the environment and hopefully having a greater positive impact on the climate the role.

It's great being able to inspire and motivate people and make people aware of how diverse our student climate is!! Also raising awareness for segregated groups.

I love helping to create a warm and friendly community of students and chatting to new people! Is also nice to feel like you are doing something to help others in general.

What does the SU do?

SU President

The Student Union President is the only full-time Sabbatical Officer. They are in charge of overseeing everything to do with the Students' Union, including the organisation of the Executive committee, being the Student Voice when working alongside RNCM Staff, and being responsible for the SU's budgeting and finance.

Ultimately, the role of the SU President is to represent and communicate on behalf of the students, which requires them to be in continuous conversations with both the RNCM and the Student Body to make sure that all feedback, whether positive or negative, is heard and taken on board. The SU President is also a person that students can seek support from when going through a complaints procedure, and they are also in a position to help raise concerns/ complaints on behalf of any student(s)

​As the President is required to sign off on anything involving finance, being the executive decision-maker on events and parties is part of the role.

The SU gets a grant of £35,000 per academic year. The SU President has a salary of £17,500 and after team honourarium deductions.

Groups and Boards that the SU President is part of:

- Board of Governors

- Academic Board

- Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee

- Health and Safety Committee

- Education and Quality Committee

-Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity Forum

-Undergraduate Degrees Committee

- Postgraduate Degrees Committee

- Student Experience Forum

- Underrepresented Group (formed 2020)

The SU President allocates the budget for the academic year covering the following:

- Parties

- The Brodsky Jam

- Welcome Week / Freshers Week

- Freshers Fair

- Society Funding

- Campaign Funding (Zero Campaign, #LOFYM, Green Week etc.)

- NUS Charity Fee

- Merchandise

- Any projects / initiatives lead by the SU or Students

Events & Socials Officer

The Events & Socials Officer is a new role in 2021, replacing the role of Activities Officer. Similar to Activities, the E & S Officer will continue to work with the SU Team to create fun events and parties for the students, with extra responsibilities such as booking venues and organising entertainment alongside the SU President. New to the job this year is the additional responsibility of being the person in charge of all official RNCM SU social media accounts.

Students interested in this role tend to be confident and outgoing, and are able to bring the party spirit wherever they go! Experience or knowledge around social media and marketing is helpful but not necessary, the most important thing is a willingness to learn and commit to the task of creating an engaging SU Team image online.

The Events & Socials Officer receives a termly honorarium of £350.

Education Officer

The Education Officer is the primary point of contact for all School and Course reps. Alongside the SU President, Education Officer attends the Undergraduate Degrees Committee (UDC), Postgraduate Taught Degrees Committee (PTDC) and Student Experience Forum (SEF), all of which are held once a term. The Education Officer works with Nick Reyland (Head of Undergraduate Programmes) and David Horne (Head of Graduate School) to bring course-based feedback forwards.

Students interested in this role benefit from good organisation and communication skills. As the Officer that collects student feedback regularly, it is important that the Education Officer is able to listen to and report back with an un-biased approach.

The Education Officer receives a termly honorarium of £350.

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer is the students' first point of contact on the SU for care and support, and has the role of sign-posting students to the appropriate internal/ external support, should they need it. The Welfare Officer works closely with Jane Gray (Assistant Head of Registry (wellbeing)) and the RNCM Wellbeing Team, to ensure that all students at College are provided with a well-rounded college experience and that pressures surrounding assessments and deadlines don't become too much for any individuals.

Students interested in this role are fantastic listeners and are willing to form a part of the College well-being system. They are generally sensitive and understanding of all issues, big or small, and care deeply about their peers.

Community & Environment Officer

The Community & Environment Officer is in charge of linking up RNCM students with external community projects, whilst also pushing to make the College a greener, more sustainable institution. Working closely with the Climate Action Society, The C&E officer embodies one of the biggest Student priorities of today - protecting our planet. A connection with Dom Wood (Environment and Operations Manager) allows the C&E officer to work together with the RNCM to stay up-to-date with the environmental impact of the College. External opportunities that come through to the SU will be forwarded to the students by this Officer.

Students interested in this role are great communicators with a passion to combat climate change. They are invested in the community and may have some of their own network-building ideas to bring to the table.

The Community & Environment Officer receives a termly honorarium of £350.

Diversity Officer

The Diversity Officer is on the team to give support to students who could be discriminated against for their age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. As a member of the EDIF (Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Forum) and Underrepresented group (collection of students and staff at the RNCM committed to giving Underrepresented musicians and artists the recognition they deserve), the Diversity Officer is there to voice student concerns and push the RNCM to continue making steps forwards with their EDI policies.

Students interested in this role are strong, supportive individuals that peers can approach easily. They strongly believe in creating equal, fair opportunities and are willing to educate others about Diversity.

The Diversity Officer receives a termly honorarium of £350.