Let's Talk About...

A Series of panels with RNCM alumni

Recordings of the panels upon request...

Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A where we're speaking to RNCM graduates about what makes success
(beyond scraping a pass in your technicals.)

Including real experiences and research into the transition from being a student to starting your career, this isn't one to miss!

One of the most mysterious parts of our journey... What actually happens as soon as we graduate? We're putting on this panel and Q&A with recent graduates to equip you with some additional air-bags and seatbelts for your crash landing when you get catapulted out of the safety of the refec.

The 3rd panel and Q&A of the series involves RNCM Alumni that have branched out into other areas of the music industry.

Come along to hear what they have to share about the field they're in!

The skills we learn while we study music can set us up for so much more than we think. This final panel and Q&A is with Alumni that have gone on to work in various industries outside of music.

This one is sure to be thought provoking and something completely fresh, the perfect way to finish the series!