well hello there

…and welcome to the RNCM! We’re your Students’ Union. It’s our job to make sure your time at the RNCM is the very best it can be, so you can get on with all the other bits of student life. Joining the RNCM automatically makes you a member of the SU, and we’re happy to have you!

Although we work closely with the RNCM, we’re an independent body and we’re here to make sure YOUR voice is heard. When we’re not organising amazing social events or running exciting outreach projects, we’re probably found spending time on a wide range of college committees representing you guys, making sure that the RNCM is making decisions with the students’ best interests at heart and speaking on your behalf where necessary. Our team is made up of five current students and a full-time student President, so we understand better than anyone what student life at the RNCM is like.

The SU is also here as a place of help and advice on all aspects of college life as well as student life in general. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a college assignment or just a recipe for something that isn’t another Pot Noodle, our office (and inbox) is always open for a chat. You can also email us to make an appointment if you have a more sensitive issue that you’d rather discuss one-on-one. Whatever the issue, we’re here to help!


Cara Houghton


Hi! I'm Cara and I'm your President this year. I've just finished my fourth year at the RNCM studying the Flute and over my time here I've come to realise how much I love getting to know each and every person that passes through the doors. This year, I'm really excited to work with my wonderful team to help make your time at the RNCM as brilliant as it can be! Things aren't exactly like we're used to, but I'm a firm believer of taking what we've got and doing what we can with it. We've got the perfect opportunity here to rewrite what it means to be a student in 2020 and I'm so excited to see what we all come up with. My number 1 priority is that each and every student feels welcome and able to come to me about anything, big or small! If you need anything or just want to say hello, feel free to send me an email or pop into the office (whenever we are all back in the building again!)


Rosie Spinks


Hello, I am Rosie your welfare officer! I’ve just finished 4 years of undergraduate study at the RNCM and will be continuing my study with the CPD course in September. I play the cello and absolutely love chamber music and spending time with my adorable dog. I am a big believer in having a good old rant and will always be around to listen, as well as having your back 100%. I am so happy for you to contact me if you have any worries, questions or would just like to have a chat. I would love to hear from you and get to know you!


Micah Scott


Hiya! My name is Micah, a tuba player in my fourth and final year here at RNCM, originally from a lovely little part of Scotland called Fife, and I will be your Diversity Officer for the year 2020/2021. It will be my job to oversee and look after the College’s International, Minority, Postgraduate and Mature, Students living with Disabilities, and LGBTQ+ groups. I’m really excited for the next year and I promise to work my hardest to honour and act as a voice for the extremely diverse student climate we have at RNCM - it’s always something I’ve been immensely proud of. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or just want to have a chat, please feel free to email me, or message me on Facebook. Alternatively, you can always catch me around College for a conversation (my style of clothing often means I’m not hard to miss in a crowd).


Ellie Lee


Hello, I’m Ellie! I’m a fourth year flautist and I’m excited to be your SU Activities Officer this year. My goals for this year are to make up for all of the activities and events that we have/will lose due to COVID-19, making sure you get the most out of your university experience despite any limitations we face. I am equally keen to offer support to our existing societies and encourage any new societies. It is so important that we stay well connected and have things to look forward to outside of our academic work during this period of uncertainty. With this being said, I’m keen to listen to any ideas you have for activities/events so drop me an email if you fancy a chat.


Charlotte Kennedy


Hello! I’m Charlotte and I’m a classical singer in the fourth year of my undergraduate degree. As your Education Officer I want to ensure that every one of you, as students, has an educational experience at the RNCM that is valuable, accessible and prepares you for the next chapter of your life. I hope that we can achieve this through continued student feedback, communication with staff and a transparent understanding of how decisions are made within college. I’m always eager to talk and listen to any thoughts you may have. So if at any point this year you find yourself unhappy with anything or you have suggestions or feedback you wish to share, drop me an email or grab me for a chat!


Beth Machell

community & Environment

Hi, I’m Beth a 3rd year clarinettist and I am super excited to be your Community and Environment Officer this year! It is super important that we all do our bit to help combat the climate crisis. Therefore, I hope to continue the fab environmental changes RNCM Climate Action has made to college in the past year and give tips on how we can all work on living more sustainable lives as individuals and musicians. Please drop me an email if you have any eco ideas, fancy a chat or want to know the best walking routes in the Peaks!


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