well hello there

…and welcome to the RNCM! We’re your Students’ Union. It’s our job to make sure your time at the RNCM is the very best it can be, so you can get on with all the other bits of student life. Joining the RNCM automatically makes you a member of the SU, and we’re happy to have you!

Although we work closely with the RNCM, we’re an independent body and we’re here to make sure YOUR voice is heard. When we’re not organising amazing social events or running exciting outreach projects, we’re probably found spending time on a wide range of college committees representing you guys, making sure that the RNCM is making decisions with the students’ best interests at heart and speaking on your behalf where necessary. Our team is made up of five current students and a full-time student President, so we understand better than anyone what student life at the RNCM is like.

The SU is also here as a place of help and advice on all aspects of college life as well as student life in general. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a college assignment or just a recipe for something that isn’t another Pot Noodle, our office (and inbox) is always open for a chat. You can also email us to make an appointment if you have a more sensitive issue that you’d rather discuss one-on-one. Whatever the issue, we’re here to help!


Rebecca Anderson


Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am your Students' Union President! I’ve just finished a masters of music and have been working as a mezzo-soprano for a number of years. I love the RNCM community and am very excited to help you have a great year here. Look out for fun events coming your way and let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.


Alice Wriglesworth


Hi!! My name is Alice and I am your Welfare Of'ficer for this year! I’m so excited to see everyone in September and meet all of the incoming students! RNCM is such a friendly and exciting environment but it can also be pretty busy. It's really important to me that everyone feels like they are supported whilst they are at the RNCM and I want you all to know that I am here for a chat and a cup of tea (with biscuits) anytime. If you have any problems I will do my absolute best to help you and if I can’t, I will find someone who can! Here’s to a fab year ahead and the best Welcome Week ever 😎.


J-P Asumu


Hi everyone, my name is J-P! I’m a 3rd year singer on the pop course and I will be your Diversity Officer for this year! I’m looking forward to supporting our diverse community at the RNCM so if you have any questions at all (or just want to say hi!), please don’t hesitate to email me or stop me for a chat if you see me in College! 


Sinead Walsh


Heya everyone, I'm Sinead and I'm a fourth year flautist as well as your Events and Socials Officer for this year!! I'm going to be organising all the SU events for the coming year so I hope you're ready to party! I'll also be posting on our social media to keep you guys in the loop about what's going on in college. Anyone who knows me knows I could start the legs off a stool so I'm really excited to get to know you all over the next year and make sure this is going to be a fun year for everyone!! 


Lizzy Russell


Hey!! I'm Lizzy and I'm a 3rd year undergraduate oboist all the way from the South East of Kent and I am really excited to be your education officer for this year. I will ensure all students have equal access to the student representative system for clear communication between students and staff. I am really passionate about creating opportunities for all students throughout their education, by enabling students' educational needs to be met. If you are struggling with any aspect of college life please feel free to contact me for a chat. I am a good listener and love a good coffee, cake, and chat! 


Michael Huit

community & Environment

Hello! Michael here as your Community and Environment officer for 2021/22. I’m a 4th year Pop Vocals student, and I’ll be helping push for more progressive, clean, green policies around the College, from energy to waste. Organising outreach opportunities will also be part of my role, whether it be teaching and working alongside young aspiring musicians or working with performers and communities outside of the College environment. I’ll be living at Sir Charles Groves Halls as the Senior Resident too, so if you need to talk to anyone within the building, you’ll know where to find me! 


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