'Piece of the week' is open to all students. Organised by Charlotte Ferry (in the orchestral office), it brings together the orchestral team, heads of school, Performance and Programming, Academic staff and the Students' Union.

Whilst this is orchestral repertoire, you're encouraged to engage with it regardless of whether the piece is traditionally written for your principal study or not!


Over the course of the year, 20 pieces are going to feature as part of this initiative. After consulting with professional orchestras programmes, the pieces chosen are a combination of well known (15) and lesser known but still performed pieces by underrepresented composers (5).

Alongside the set piece, there will be a short academic video about the composition so whether you choose to play or not, you can still learn from the experience!


Check your emails! Each time it is a scheduled week to release a new piece, you will receive a Monday email with all of the relevant links. The parts will be accessible through Nkoda and all information will be on Moodle.

Since this is optional, there will be no rehearsals or sessions on site. This means you can join in from wherever you are at whatever time you like!


​Weeks Commencing:



There's several reasons, really:

1) It's a great way to keep motivated since we won't be on site surrounded by our peers as often as we're used to

2) It's the perfect opportunity to start getting experience in learning orchestral rep (if that's a career you're interested in)

3) It keeps everyone connected with the same goal even though we won't be in the building together

4) The short time frame is good practice for learning rep quickly, much like in the profession

5) Maybe the more appropriate question is, why not?

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Strauss, Salome

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