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Activities officer

Josh Cargill

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Hi, I’m Josh and I’m running for activities officer! I’ve had an amazing two years at the RNCM and I want every student’s experience here to be as great as mine has been - it’s as part of the SU team where I believe I can best work towards making this happen. 


It’s my ambition to keep the great college events of previous years going and to introduce some new ones which I hope will appeal to everyone, such as an RNCM Barbecue and perhaps some sports tournaments. I also want to include as much live music at SU events as possible.


Being student rep for the trombones this year has given me an insight into the inner workings of college - the experience I’ve gained from this, along with my exciting personality should make me  a good choice for activities officer on the SU!


There are obviously some worries that Freshers week may not happen in September due to social distancing. If required, I will work hard to provide the best alternative possible given the restrictions that exist then (as all unis will be in the same position, it won’t be hard to come up with ideas for this), and then host a “re-freshers” week whenever possible later in the year.


Thanks for reading and hope you’ll consider voting for me!

Ruby Hendry

one vote = one cracking good time

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My name is Ruby and I would love to be your SU Activities officer!
As musicians we all spend so many hours in a practice room that sometimes it can feel like there isn’t much time for anything else!
I am a believer in having a balance and let’s face it, in 40 years’ when you’re sat in your reclining chair chatting to the grandkids you’ve got to have some good stories to tell them and really, they should involve something more exciting than the G rooms!!
LUCKILY for you, I would love to fill next year with incredible parties and events that are well worth venturing out of the practice room for!
I have a vast experience of RNCM parties, so I know what it takes to make them amazing; banging tunes, icebreaking themes and most importantly, cheap drinks are all on the cards!
Aside from nights out I would organise loads of Brodsky quizzes/jams, walks in the countryside, trips to some of Manchester’s amazing performance venues and encourage more sports teams/societies within college!
Above all I want to make sure your student experience is incredible so your opinions/ideas are super important to me and I would give back some control to the students over what kind of activities are planned!

Ellie Lee

Making Up For Lost Time

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Hi, I’m Ellie, a third year flautist, currently your SU Education Officer. I’ve felt honoured to represent you as Education Officer and as 2nd year Student Representative in 2018/19, and I’d absolutely love to be your Activities Officer during my final year. As Education Officer, I’ve got to grips with how the SU team works, helping organise/run some of the most legendary college events! As Activities Officer, I’ll continue the work of the SU and ensure the quality of your nights out are NOT diminished by this evil corona guy spoiling our fun. I’ll be here to make up for lost time, going big on events you love! I’m excited to bring more chilled events to you, with experience of which of these you love and which aren’t up your street (RIP The Weakest Link), so there’ll be no time wasting with Facebook events you don’t want to see - each event will be unmissable! Whilst next academic year is still uncertain, I’m assisting this year’s SU with trialling online activities, figuring out what works best and what you enjoy. I hope to use this knowledge in whatever situation we are met with and make it our best year yet!

welfare officer

Rosie Spinks


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HELLO! I am running for Welfare Officer because I am committed to bringing those GOOD VIBES to RNCM and making the inevitably gruelling weeks a little bit happier - whether it’s with a coffee and a chat, or a cheeky dance routine…! Having experienced the classic first year lecture of ‘4 hours a day of practice will make you the best musician you can be’, as well as being thrown into project after project, with absolutely no hope of even getting in 30 minutes practice a day, I know how these confusing messages can effect mindset, productivity and just general happiness. Being a musician can be really challenging, but I will do whatever it takes to make your time at RNCM as smooth sailing as possible. Everyone’s time at the RNCM should allow them the space to breathe and develop into more versatile and creative musicians, and this is something I am committed to working on. Basically, I’d love for us to all feel more supported by the RNCM and each other, to place a larger emphasis on our happiness and wellbeing. Having been at RNCM for 4 years, I have experienced all those up’s and down’s and feel confident in supporting you with anything you need as Welfare Officer.

Sinead Walsh

Lean on Me

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Hi I’m Sinead and following this unprecedented time, we will need to surround ourselves with positivity, kindness and a strong support network.

Many of us will feel overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of returning to college life, rekindling friendships and resuming studies after such a long time away. Practical support will be needed to help those who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing and facing financial hardship. I aim to be there to listen and to be a positive voice representing the welfare of all students.

I plan to establish an online portal where students can confidentially and anonymously raise welfare concerns that they want brought to the attention of the Students Union which I feel will benefit many members of our community. In addition, I want to continue the amazing work on mental and physical health that has been implemented by previous welfare officers and increase support to international students who are struggling.

I am friendly and enthusiastic whilst also not being afraid to voice my opinion and stand up for what I believe in. It would be an honour for me to represent YOU, the student body that I am so proud to be a part of!

Zigi Porter

Get Zigi with it

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Firstly, I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves during this challenging period. It is a time to look out for friends and loved ones, and… to make the most of Disney+! There is, of course, an end in sight, and I am sure that we are all looking forward to getting back to our home away from home at the RNCM, or at least to footage.

As you know, student elections are currently taking place, and I am running for welfare officer!

I believe that healthy practise of mental and physical wellbeing is of the utmost importance for musicians, as we can truly be complex, emotional creatures. If elected I would continue the fabulous work my predecessors have been doing, including the very important zero campaign, building awareness as to how to stay safe around Manchester and wherever your flourishing careers will take you.

Coming out of this lockdown period I aim to help facilitate a smooth transition back into college life. The idea of mingling with others may be anxiety-provoking and daunting for many, myself included.

Stay safe, stay happy, and...

Get Zigi with it!

Erin Bathgate

Happy, Healthy and Positive!

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YOU, have to be the most important person in your life and I’d love to support you in being the best version of yourself, you can be! Music college is one of the most intense, unbeatably brilliant yet sometimes suffocating studying environments, therefore we have to support ourselves properly.
Communication between students, staff, and the wider world is key. Once elected as Welfare Officer, I would strive to provide a reliable focal point for any and everybody who needs help, support or just a little chat. I aim to continue the great work being done on raising awareness of the importance of mental health in tandem with physical health, as the key basis of our lives as musicians. It is vital people are aware of the amazing established initiatives and support systems in college and outside and know that no matter what, you are not alone.
As much as I love to talk, I am also an excellent listener and you can trust me wholeheartedly to do everything in my power to support you. Let’s focus on healthy bodies and minds making happy people and music!

Emily Revill

Rely on Revs

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Hi everyone, my name is Emily and I’m applying to be your next Welfare Officer!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m currently a first year MMus flautist, however this is my fifth year at the RNCM in total. Absolute madness I know, they just can’t get rid of me.

Some of you may also recognise me from the SU team 2018-2019 when I was your community officer. I thoroughly enjoyed my year working on the team and would be delighted to have the opportunity to work for you again.

Throughout our lives we encounter many ups and downs, and I want to ensure the RNCM is there to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re seeking some peace and quiet, somewhere to have a boogie, guidance/advice or an ear to speak to, I will be there to make sure all the resources are easily accessible to you, whatever your needs are.

I hope you’re all well in these strange times! I’ll be posting more information throughout the week, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to send me an email!

diversity officer

Micah Scott

Twenty-Twenty means no Adversity, Vote Micah as your Diversity!

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Hello! It's everyone's favourite tuba-playing-fashionista, Micah here! I'm about to begin my fourth year at the RNCM, and I would absolutely love to represent the College as Diversity Officer as part of the SU. Over my time as a student, I've always been really proud to come from a Conservatoire that, despite its small number of students compared to other unis in and around Manchester, has an extremely diverse climate. As Diversity Officer, I promise that I will act as a voice to represent all these students in a way that shows RNCM’s extremely safe and accepting environment. As well as having a prominent voice in the LGBTQ+ and Scottish community in College, I want to make sure that as Diversity Officer, we celebrate all our International, Mature, Postgraduate, BAME and Disabled Students. I believe that there is so much more we can do – and I have many ideas that I’d love to put in to place to make sure that RNCM is recognised as an institution that not only values every single one of its students, but also CELEBRATES the diversity of its population. Please check out my manifesto on Facebook and Instagram, and #votemicahfordiversity2020!

education officer

Abi Davies

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Hi! I’m Abi Davies and I’m running for the Education Officer this year! A little bit about me – In September I’ll be starting my 6th and final year of study at the RNCM and I have had a brilliant education, encountering nearly every assessment possible at college. I want to use my knowledge to help you guys create the best educational experience possible. I have been in contact with students from each year and have chatted about issues to make my manifesto relevant to everyone. There are many elements of college’s academic and practical activities I’d like to develop, these include; a wider variety of assessment for 1st and 2nd years, difficulty levels for 3rd and 4th-year electives, easier access for international students to be more active in group classes and clear guidance for pop students on exams dates and times. Some more general points I’d like to enhance include; clearer communication between staff and students, transparency on where our marks come from and allow students to choose repertoire for orchestral opportunities; classical and pop. If you have anything you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Charlotte Kennedy

Preparing You for the Next Chapter

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I’m Charlotte, a soprano going into the fourth year of my undergraduate degree. It’s important to me that every student’s educational experience here at the RNCM is valuable, accessible and prepares them for the next chapter of their life. As part of this it is essential that the process of student feedback - which is valued so highly at the RNCM although not always obvious to us as students - is as transparent as possible.

This year I have relished my time as third year student representative. Passing on student views has been a vital part of this and, as many of the students in my year will have experienced, I always aim to find out what my peers really want from their degree; from emails, to chats in the refectory, to even standing up in a cohort lecture (that one was somewhat embarrassing I must admit). I have shown that I am:

- Always an open ear
- Confident and assertive when conveying student’s feedback in front of staff on various panels
- Friendly with staff
- Considerate of staff response to certain feedback
- Aware of difficulties that can arise in running the RNCM.

Kara Taylor

TAYLORed to your needs

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Hi! My name is Kara and I am running for the position of Education Officer. I feel strongly about students getting the representation which allows them to get the most out of their degree. I have experience in promoting and advocating for the interests of my peers. I'm a good listener and communicator, and am not afraid to champion your point of view. If elected, I will work hard on your behalf!

Nazar Khapsalis

Lovely Jubbly!

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Passionate about education, I am a strong advocate for receiving the highest quality teaching in addition to maintaining a suitable environment to support that goal. I take a blunt, no nonsense approach and so if presented with suggestions, you can be confident that I will propose them to the right individual without beating around the bush and making excuses. When I work, I work seriously because I take on roles with achievement in mind, so slacking is not an option for me. Don’t let all this determination scare you though. I’m actually a jolly individual with a strong upbeat nature and full of positivity, so I’m always up for a chat!

It’s no secret that all the recent lifestyle changes have been a palava (although I commend the college for adapting so swiftly). With that in mind should I be appointed for this role; I look forward to working alongside the future president to steer the union back on track for what I hope to be an upcoming exciting year of music making. We all pay tuition fees regardless. The quality of knowledge we receive in return is up to you. The power of the student voice is strong indeed.

Oliver Lee

"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"

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Hello there,

"Education! Education! Education!" - Somewhat seems a lot less fashionable quoting Blair at this point.

I'm currently a third-year clarinettist and hoping to count on your vote for education officer! As your education officer, I hope to continue the fantastic work of the current student union team in delivering strong communication links between staff and students on study related issues. By working with your student representatives and the all new student union team I hope to encourage greater transparency with how your feedback is acted upon by college; as your voice matters.
My main goal is to allow your voices to be heard so that we can all get the most out of our time studying here and have a great time whilst doing so!

community and environment officer

Beth Machell


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Hi, I am Beth, a second year clarinettist, but you may also know me from RNCM Climate Action. I love nature and the environment, so I believe everyone should do their bit to stop global warming and protect the environment. As environmental officer, I will campaign for RNCM to divest from fossil fuels and for the kitchens to source food from more sustainable sources. SU events will have as little environmental impact as possible and I will put on some eco events, such as regular clothes swaps and of course an unBEElievable Green Week! Our environment has such a huge impact on mental wellbeing, so I want to encourage trips to greener areas such as the Peak District and also to plant more BEE friendly plants on the roof garden.
Safety is one of my number one priorities as community officer, so I plan on setting up a scheme for people to get to know RNCM students who live in the same area to avoid students walking home alone at night. Alongside this, developing outreach links in the community is a hugely important part of being a musician.
Vote for Beth, Protect the Bees, Save the Planet ♻️

Jess Vinson

Say Yes to Jess!

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Hi everyone!

If you don’t know me, my name’s Jess and I’m an oboist going into my final year of undergrad. I’ve had a great student experience since starting at RNCM and a huge part of this has undoubtedly been due to the work of the fab previous SU teams. I’m really keen to get involved with helping to make your time at college as happy and memorable as possible!

I’m running for Community and Environment Officer and, in a nutshell, this covers our community within RNCM (the students, as well as academic and support staff) together with our links to the outside world! My aim is to create a cohesive environment where everyone feels safe, valued and supported both in and out of the building. It will be vital that the RNCM community looks out for each other once we eventually get back, and I hope you’ll consider me as an approachable and capable candidate for this important role.

Please look out for my manifesto appearing sometime next week and feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or even just want a chat!

Hannah Peverell

I'm EnvironMental about Community Outreach

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I’m Hannah! I’m a third year flautist, I love dogs, sport and can drink a horrendous amount of tea. Most importantly I’d love to be your Communities and Environment officer next year! I’ve been flute rep and have been working in outreach this year and really want to further this!

Some aims:

• Run online outreach to keep in contact with the community next year.

• Each department should have a social every term, going for coffee or a classic curry. It’s really important new members feel they can talk to anyone within their department. Earplugs can be provided for when the whole singing department goes for drinks in the refectory. (Hearing protection is still a priority)

• Introduce interschool chamber music speed dating, get to meet people from all departments and make music with new people! (Romance optional)

• Get everyone more involved in Terracyle, less socialising means more recycling time.

• Organise a ‘zero waste day’

• Help students feel safe coming back to Manchester.

Whilst as a community the effects of this lockdown have been hard, environmentally we’re seeing big changes. Since my first year RNCM’s become more eco-friendly. Let’s do our part to be able to see dolphins in the Manchester canals.

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