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Your welfare is at the heart of everything the SU does. We offer a place for all students to come with any problems, big or small. All of us will be happy to offer the best advice we can, signpost you to better support if necessary, or just be an ear to listen. You can email us directly with your issue/query or to arrange a time to meet, or just drop into the office for a chat.

student services

Student life is full of twists and turns, and things will always get a little rocky at times. We have a wide-ranging support network designed to help you get back on your feet. Mental health issues affect an increasing number of students and the RNCM SU strongly advise you to reach out if you or a friend are struggling. Even when things seem dark, help is often only a click away. Reaching out for help does in no way affect your performance opportunities, principal study or the way people view you. 


The RNCM's Student Wellbeing Advisor is Jane Gray. She can be found in the Registry Office and offers an open door drop-in policy from Monday-Friday, 9:30-12:30 and 14:00-16:00. You can send her an email at any time on or call on 0161 907 5219 / Ex. 219. 

If you'd rather speak to a student, you can get advice and help from our Welfare Officer Ruth Owens or President Alice Flannery.


The college has three counsellors, Bryan Fox, Claire Donoghue and newly appointed Chaden AlSaadi. The counselling service is free and confidential - drop them an email on or to book an appointment. Bryan and Claire both work daytime, and Chaden works evenings so you should be able to find a time to suit you speedily! If you'd rather speak to someone outside of the RNCM, you can contact who will be able to arrange for you to speak to someone at the Chaplaincy or in Greater Manchester.


The college has four mental health first aiders, who are trained to spot the early signs of a mental health issue, how to provide initial help and how to guide a person towards appropriate treatment and other sources of supportive help. These are Jane Gray (, John Habron (, Dominic Wood ( and Emily Mason ( These guys will be able to give advice and support on a whole range of issues. 


St Peter's provides chaplaincy to all the universities in Manchester. A team of chaplains are based there and there will always be one chaplain available at St Peter's on weekdays during term time. Their website can be found here ( or you can pop into their building which is located right next door to the RNCM. As well as an amazing cafe, they offer a range of mindful activities including colouring and beekeeping. 


you can also click             for more wellbeing advice and links and 

for more information on our #lookoutforyourmate campaign


rncm student-facing policies

These are the policies you're most likely to need during your time at the RNCM. Check back in September for updated versions of the Handbook (a mega document containing everything you need to know about your course and the RNCM) and other policies. 

These are the policies you're most likely to need during your time at the RNCM. Check back in September for updated versions of the Handbook (a mega document containing everything you need to know about your course and the RNCM) and other policies. 



We're committed to making sure your time at the RNCM and in Manchester is the best it possibly can be. For this reason, we've adopted a Zero Tolerance approach to harassment of any sort. You have a right to feel safe and comfortable at all times. We aim to make sure all our students are aware of the importance of respecting personal boundaries and the serious consequences if crossing these boundaries, as well as supporting any students struggling. 


Harassment is when someone intentionally or unintentionally violates a person’s dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment, which interferes with an individual’s learning, working or social environment. This is never okay! 

The University of Manchester have a great website with more information which you can find 


Consent is:

  • essential

  • given freely

  • comfortable

  • retractable at any time

  • active

Consent is NOT:

  • assumed

  • pressured

  • silent

  • reluctant

  • unconscious


academic support

We know how important your studies at the RNCM are and we want to help you succeed. We're here to support you through your studies at RNCM, from a four year BMus to a one year PGDip. 


There's a network in place of people responsible for Academic Study. These can be found on the SU's FAQ guide. If you're an undergraduate, you will also have a tutor responsible for your year group. These guys are here for you to approach for advice at any time - you can email them or arrange an appointment. Check back in September to see who your year tutor will be!


Moodle is the RNCM's primary academic platform. Here you can find all handbooks relating to your course, module information, principal study - if it relates to the RNCM, it's probably on here somewhere! 


Life is full of unexpected surprises, unfortunately not all of them good. If something happens that affects your ability to complete an assignment or sit an exam, or if you have a longer-standing injury or condition that means you won't be able to do your best, you can submit an Extenuating Circumstances application through Moodle. These are reviewed anonymously by a panel.



Hop up to the RNCM Policies section of this page to read the college's policies on academic malpractice. Whether accidental or otherwise, accusations of plagiarism can be extremely worrying for students - we're here to support you!



student life

We've put together a selection of handy links for any stage of the student journey. 


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