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....and welcome to the RNCM! We're your Students' Union. It's our job to make sure your time at the RNCM is the very best it can be, so you can get on with all the other bits of student life. Joining the RNCM automatically makes you a member of the SU, and we're happy to have you! 

Although we work closely with the RNCM, we're an independent body and we're here to make sure YOUR voice is heard. When we're not organising amazing social events or running exciting outreach projects, we're probably found spending time on a wide range of college committees representing you guys, making sure that the RNCM is making decisions with the students' best interests at heart and speaking on your behalf where necessary. Our team is made up of five current students and a full-time student President, so we understand better than anyone what student life at the RNCM is like. 

The SU is also here as a place of help and advice on all aspects of college life as well as student life in general. Whether you're looking for guidance on a college assignment or just a recipe for something that isn't another Pot Noodle, our office (and inbox) is always open for a chat. You can also email us to make an appointment if you have a more sensitive issue that you'd rather discuss one-on-one. Whatever the issue, we're here to help! 






I'm Alice, a violinist, and I'll be taking a year out between 3rd and 4th year to act as the SU President.

My aims are focused around our well-being, both mentally and physically whilst at college.

I'm excited for a busy year full of activities and celebration of our wonderful and diverse community!

Alongside this, I'm here as an open-ear to any of your issues, big or small. I will represent you, as the liaison between us students and staff, ensuring you have the best possible time at the RNCM.

Not only are we here to study hard, but we're also here to enjoy it and our wonderful SU team are here to ensure that's always a priority!! 

Please pop by my office or email me at any time!


Hello, I’m Ruth! I’m a principal study vocalist on the pop course and I’ve just finished my 3rd year. I’m super excited to be your welfare officer this year, and really look forward to meeting you all!

I’ll be focusing my efforts on increasing communication between staff and students to enable everyone access to the support that’s right for them. It’s mega important that we understand the real need to look after our minds and bodies as best we can whilst following our fantastic but often hectic college schedules, which includes eating well and taking enough time to relax!

With that in mind, I love to bake and have a natter, so if you ever fancy some cake and a chat please come and find me!



Hi my name is Lavender and I am a 2nd year composer hailing from Hampshire! I am the Diversity Officer for 2019/2020 - my role within the SU is to look after International, Post-graduate, mature and Minority students across the RNCM.

My goal is to ensure that every single student feels at home here and to celebrate the diverse community we have here.

Feel free to drop an email about any issues you are having or if you want a chat!

Ruth Owens

Lavender Rodriguez

Alice Flannery




Hello, my name is Ely and I am a fourth year violinist. Scotland is my home, but I spent the best of my teenage years growing up in the wilderness of Norway.

Within the SU team my role is activities officer. My aim is create events and activities that give everyone the opportunity to meet new students across the years and instrumental schools and most importantly for you all to let your hair down.

As much as I am excited to put on the legendary RNCM parties I also want to organise daytime activities to ensure that everyone is included, even you are not the craziest partier.

I am open to listening to anyone´s ideas for activities or societies, so if you ever need any help I can usually be found in the bar.



Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m a 3rd year flautist. As Education Officer, I’m excited to support both instrumental and academic studies within college so that each and every student gets the most out of their time here at the RNCM. During my time as student rep in my second year, I became increasingly aware of how important the student voice is in making decisions surrounding academics and how college is run, and staff are very keen to prioritise our wants and needs, so I’m here to ensure that the communication between students and staff allows these wants and needs to be understood and acted upon. I’m always up for a chat so please do come and say hello, you will most likely find me in the refectory or feel free to drop me an email if you have anything you’d like to discuss.






I'm Cara and I am a 4th year flautist. Last year I was your Welfare officer and this year I am Community officer. All of the roles on the SU are intertwined and I will be here to support any student concerns/ questions so always feel free to send me a message or stop me for a chat!

I think it's really important for us to begin making links in the local community whilst we're still studying. Manchester has so much to offer and we have so much to bring to the city. Whether it's local music venues, community centres, schools or hospitals- It is a part of our career to spread our passion for music, so why not start now?

I'm really looking forward to sticking around and continuing the fantastic work of last year's SU- Let's make this year a good one!

Ely Clapperton

Ellie Lee

Cara Houghton



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