The SU represent the student voice on a wide variety of college committees, from day-to-day issues right up to the Board of Governors. We're always looking for feedback on your college experience so we can report this back to the RNCM and fight to change things for the better. The RNCM SU is an autonomous body (this means we're separate from the RNCM). The nature of being a super tiny specialist institution means that our office is located in the RNCM, and that the majority of our funding comes from the RNCM in a block grant every year. We work really closely with the RNCM to ensure that the college is working as best as it possibly can for you. 


Every September, student representatives are chosen by the SU and are in place for the rest of the year. These include faculty, instrument and year reps. These wonderful people are not only a point of contact for you to pass feedback, problems and suggestions to, but represent you and present this information in board meetings. Each student representative is a full member of each committee they sit on (equal to any staff member!) and would have a full vote (if a voting situation should ever occur). Student reps have been responsible for some major changes to BMus and MMus courses, as well as the RNCM facility. They would love to hear your feedback - you can find them on their email addresses!

student reps 19/20

Y1 BMus (Classical) • Elena Whiteley, Emily Degg, Lian Yip

Y2 BMus (Classical) • Ammal Bhatia, Rhys Edwards, Sinead Walsh

Y3 BMus (Classical) • Wei Ling Thong, Charlotte Kennedy

Y4 BMus (Classical) • Zara Wardrop, Einar Stefansson

Y1 BMus (Pop) • Alejandro Urbina

Y2 BMus (Pop) • Izzy Pinder

Y3 BMus (Pop) • Adee Lifshitz

Y4 BMus (Pop) • Ruth Owens

GRNCM • Cameron Chin-See

Y1 MMus • Beatriz Carvalho, Cally Statham

Y2 MMus • Maria Luc

MMus (Pop) • Matthew Peacock

MPerf • Humphrey Ho

PGDip • Athanasia Kontou, Melissa Demarjian

IAD • Mariya Sevdanska

PG Research • Mark Dyer

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