We believe that bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination are never ok.

You can report incidences of harassment through the College’s reporting procedure, set out below.

Remember – it’s ok to ask, and you have a right to speak up and raise concerns.

Any reports of bullying or harassment will be viewed and treated with appropriate weight by the College and both the RNCM and the RNCM Students’ Union aim to create an environment where everyone feels confident to act against any unwanted behaviour.

If you feel you are able to, have a chat with the person concerned to let them know that their behaviour is causing offence and to request that they stop. You can do this on your own or with support if you like – you can contact anyone in the table below to meet with you and the person concerned.

In the first instance

You can talk to one of our designated College advisors at any stage of this process:

Jane Gray
Student Wellbeing Advisor
E jane.gray@rncm.ac.uk

Dominic Wood
Environment and Operations Manager
E dominic.wood@rncm.ac.uk

Kathy Hart
RNCM Students’ Union President
E kathy.hart@rncm.ac.uk 

Cara Houghton
RNCM Students’ Union Welfare Officer
E cara.houghton@rncm.ac.uk

Sarah D’Ardenne
Head of Library Services
E sarah.dardenne@rncm.ac.uk 

Geoff Thomason
Deputy Librarian
E geoff.thomason@rncm.ac.uk
Toni-Ann La-Crette
Senior Assistant Librarian
E toniann.lacrette@rncm.ac.uk

You can drop in and have an informal chat with any of these advisors or contact them via email. They will treat what you tell them confidentially and will be able to offer advice, discuss your options with you and signpost to further support.

For guidance or support

Contact the Deputy Head of Registry who will set up a meeting between themselves, yourself and the person concerned to try and resolve the problem without formal action. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting with the person concerned, the Deputy Head of Registry can meet with them independently.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with the Deputy Head of Registry, refer to the Bullying and Harassment policy for another staff member you could talk to. If you have been speaking to a college advisor/SU rep from the previous section, you can ask them to set up the meeting on your behalf.

Our Deputy Head of Registry is: 

Adam Croucher
E adam.croucher@rncm.ac.uk
T 0161 907 5227

To take informal action 

(local resolution stage)

Contact the Head of Registry who will assist you in submitting a formal written complaint.

Our Head of Registry is:
Stuart Sephton
E stuart.sephton@rncm.ac.uk
T 0161 907 5361

To take formal action



This is treating someone less favourably because they have reported, in good faith, an instance of bullying and harassment. The College will not tolerate victimisation and will take appropriate action to deal with any instances of this.

Support services

We understand that no stage of this process is easy, but we have a wide range of support services which provide advice, help and guidance every step of the way. If you have any questions about the reporting process, or would like further information on the support available, please contact our Student Wellbeing Advisor:
Jane Gray
E jane.gray@rncm.ac.uk
T 0161 907 5291

In an emergency, contact the Police directly on 999. You can call 101 for non-emergencies.

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